Betting Through William Hill Football

William Hill football is a popular option for many people looking to place bets. There are different types of bets that a person can place and different ways to place those bets. The UK bookies has been running for many decades and started offline but has increased to offer an online persona.

There are three options when betting on football through William Hill. The oldest and still commonly used option is through the company stores. There are a number of them around and show the most up to date odds and bets available through the window. However, there has been a growth in online betting and William Hill has not disappointed. It is possible to bet through the website or their mobile app so you can place a bet at any time of the day or night and any day of the week.

Bet as Much or as Little as You Like

There is no minimum amount that you must spend on your bets. There are some who bet as little as L1 while others will bet L10 or more. The choice really is up to you but it is worth considering the amount that you will gain back; or the amount that you could potentially lose if you bet the wrong way. While betting small amounts will not make you a millionaire, it is still some money for nothing. For those who want something for betting, if you bet £25 or 25 AUD, you get a free £25 to play with.

Bet Different Plays

When it comes to football, there are different things that you may want to bet on: the team that wins or loses, the final score or the player to make the first goal, for example. William Hill football allows you to bet in these ways and has different odds available to help you make your decision. This will help determine the best chance of gaining your money back and more.

William Hill football bets are among the most popular in the UK and Australia as well. There are always signs in the window showing the daily bets based on the teams that are playing that day, whether it is a small friendly game or a large Champions League match. Betters have the ability to place bets of all sizes and in different ways to suit their needs. They can bet from their own home or go to the bookmakers and be sociable with other local betters.


Charity Weekend at InterCasino

Playing casino games is something which players indulge in regularly. With Xmas fast approaching, most casinos are coming up with special offers and promotions. Players are getting in the festive spirit, busy shopping, decorating and cooking yummy delights. While things are all fine in our worlds, it is time to spare thought and resources to those who are facing problems and difficulties.

InterCasino, full review here is in a mood for charity this month and have come up with a new offer, Charity Weekend. The casino is giving players a chance to do their bit towards charity without spending or donating any extra funds. The Charity Weekend runs from 9th to 11th December during which players can help raise money for three great charities: Breast Cancer Care, Bliss and Sport Relief.

Players do not have to do anything extra; all they need to do is play their regular casino games over the weekend. The casino will do the rest by donating 8% of all casino profits during the charity weekend to the three charities mentioned above.

This isn’t all; InterCasino will donate another 8% of all profits made during December from the ‘Santastic’ video slot game. Players can contribute to this cause by playing this game as much as possible during the month and ensuring that the charities get a decent donation at the end of this promotion.

InterCasino plans to donate 8% of all profits to a maximum of $60,000 to these charities. This amount will be split equally between the three charities. Similarly, 8% of profits on ‘Santastic’ slot to a maximum of $13,000 which be distributed equally between the three charities.

Santastic is a video slot game available to download casino players. Players can download this game and play so as to do their bit toward this social cause. Check out this offer and do your bit towards this just cause at InterCasino.