Slot Machines Are A Great Entertainment Source

Who said that you had to play slot machines solely for the purpose of winning money? These days, it is simply not the case with online casinos. Many people play online slot machines for various reasons, including general entertainment, and as part of a feature rich multimedia experience.

The fact that you no longer need to go to the casino in order to play these games has resulted in people taking them a little less seriously than they would if they had to play with real money.

Of course, with online slot machines you are often given the choice of playing with real cash which you can deposit by credit card online, or alternatively playing in demo mode – which means that you use virtual casino chips, in order to get a feel for the game before using your real money. At you can find the best casino sites whose offers free spins for beginners.

Demo Features

These demo features really help potential players to work out which slot machine will be best for them. Remember, every slot machine is different – with varying limits, payouts, pay schedules, and bonus features. Therefore, it may take a little bit of time for you to find the perfect slot machine to fit your preferences.

But how exactly do these demonstration features work? After all, you still need to sign up to the online casino before you are able to use them.

Basically, the demonstration is exactly the same as the real thing – except your cash is substituted for a fake balance. Every time you place a bet, your fake balance is debited by the wagering amount, and equally, any amount that you win from a spin is added to the fake balance.

As you can see, playing in the demo mode will result in no effect on your actual cash balance. You are purely playing with a fake currency, much like a game of Monopoly.

Fun Without Loss

In keeping with the theme of “fun” that we are trying to present in this article, playing in demo mode can result in an enjoyable experience, or an exciting “night in”, without actually having to spend anything, or face the possibility of losing real money.

Of course, the ultimate aim of an online casino is to lure you in and get you to switch from demo to real. But as you would expect, this decision is purely yours to make.

Starting Monday: Gonzo’s Quest slot tournament

CasinoEuro boasts some of the best-looking slot games out there provided by Net Entertainment, with top-notch animation – and one of the best of the best will be the game of choice in an online slot tournament next week: Gonzo’s Quest.

CasinoEuro invites online slot fans to search for hidden treasure all week on the way to El Dorado, fabled lost city of gold. From August 23rd to 29th, the casino hosts its “Gonzo’s Quest slot tournament” in which four lucky players will share in a big €4,500 prize pool – first prize is worth a huge €2,500 in cash.

As pointed out here before, Netbook players should be aware of the high graphics demand of the otherwise excellent Gonzo’s Quest: does not recommend playing Gonzo’s Quest on full screen mode on the smaller screen, as the 3D animations in this game get choppy beyond playability. Stick to the smaller size for game play.

And this just in: CasinoEuro has announced a big increase to its welcome bonus – now get 100% on first deposit for up to €100 and then monthly bonuses. So cash in on the free playing and begin the quest for gold in tournament action today!